We were talking with a friend about our latest travels and our plans. During this conversation there was one comment that really struck us which was, how do you plan your trips and make everything look so easy? It is something we had never really thought about - how much we love travel and also the planning and research aspect of it. That is what then began the conversation on Follow Our Steps: our very own travel page. We decided to offer our own travel itineraries that made the research and planning part of your trip more accessible and easy so you spend less stress figuring out how to make a perfect trip. We feel that these travel itineraries are unique in that they are our exact travels - where we went, who we booked through, and all that we did. Additionally you benefit from the lessons we learned along the way. All of this culminates in what we know will be an amazing trip for you.

As we have grown and expanded, we realized that we can help both travelers and businesses alike. Our passion is for travel and story telling, and our experiences with photography and video allow us to create content that stimulates and inspires. That is why we offer a full range of solutions from our homepage, including business marketing, documentaries, and, of course, our travel solutions.

As for us, we met in 2017 in England and we never looked back. One of the first things that we bonded over was travel and our love for it. Chris was on his way to work on a documentary in Africa while Laura’s summer was spent visiting Prague, Paris, Crete, and hiking through the Alps. Travel was what we talked about so much of that summer and something that we are both passionate about, and we hope that passion carries through to our various products, blogs, ideas, and content.

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