The Cat is Out of the Bag

In the last two blogs we told you how we came up with the idea of creating our website and what actually distinguishes our itinerary from all other travel offers available online or on the market. "Nice and good," you might think. "We understand what motivated them to share their travels and now we know what the difference is. At least according to what they claim." Well, we want to let the cat out of the bag! In other words, we want to guide you through our itinerary and show you what awaits you and what we think. Our goal is at the end for you to say, "Wow, I see the added value now too!"

On the first page you will find an overview of the trip. We call this the “Highlights” page. You see a sketch of the respective country or the relevant excerpt with the highlights from the trip. You can also see where we recommend that you stay. The highlights represent the absolute top sights of the route, personally tested by us. Of course there are more sights during the trip, but these are the top highlights. The numbering can also be found on the later pages with more detailed descriptions, this is only the first overview. On the following pages you will find our daily itinerary for each day. The core piece is our daily plan and the map with our hints and symbols. Here you can see the route of the respective day, which sights you stop at and for how long, in which area we recommend to stay overnight (bed), where we recommend to eat (knife) and our sightseeing highlights from each page one as well as the special moments you can also find recorded here (footprints). But that's not all. You'll also find everything you need to know to get from A to B as well as our lessons learned. "What's that supposed to be?" you might be asking yourself right now. These are hints and tips that you usually only find out on the spot, like, "Where are there long queues but you can buy a Fast-Lane ticket" or "Which shoes are best for visiting the waterfall" and you wish you had known them earlier. Well, now you can.

First of all, you get the most important information on the cover page - where to go and for how long. For example, “5 Days in Iceland.” The day information is always inclusive arrival and departure. On these days we didn't plan much accordingly. So, if you arrive early or leave late, you can also compress the total number of days. The pictures already show you an quick look of what awaits you!

We are especially proud of the second page. Travel is about the special moments you remember even after decades. The moments you first tell your family and friends about when you come back. The moments that you can't plan at all, but usually only recognize when you're there. We have written these moments down for you - these are the things that we still talk about whenever we mention the trip to someone.

And we have hidden another special feature on our daily routes for you. "Another one?", you think. Yep! Because how often does it happen that you see the most beautiful pictures in travel guides, blogs or on Instagram and have the feeling: "I also want to take this photo or at least I want to have this look too?” We wanted to make that accessible for everyone and have marked on the map which photos of our travel route we took where. Don't just let yourself be inspired by great photos - go and find those photos spots yourself!

Last but not least, we have summarized for you in our summary at the end what to do BEFORE the trip: Reserve a car, book accommodation, tickets, etc. In addition we have general information about budget, different travel times, eating and staying overnight on the spot. Everything is planned for you and tries to be as simple as possible - all you have to do is get started.

Do you know have a better idea of all that you get in each itinerary? Very well, then get inspired where your next trip will lead you and get started. You still have questions, some things are unclear or something is missing? Feel free to email us or contact us on Instagram.

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