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We have been taking photos for over 10 years now each, which gives us a combined over 20 years of experience in the world of photography, and it is something that we love so, so much. We both got into photography a bit differently, however, with Laura following the passion of her dad and then me getting a simple point and shoot camera for a 2 year mission in Armenia. Our passion for photography comes from humble beginnings, as I am sure so does your passion for photography, and we are really excited to share that passion with you.

"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world" - Bruno Barbey

As we have grown as photographers we have realized how much photography has changed how we see the world. We are constantly amazed at all that is out there to see and how each person can see the same thing so differently. As we have grown, so has our desire to try new equipment, learn to take pictures exactly how we want to, and just learn and explore. It is our hope that this blog can inspire the same sense of exploration and desire to see the world differently in you!


One main question we get when people ask us about photography is, which camera should I get/use? Really, in order to answer this question, you need to first ask yourself, what do I want to shoot with my camera? From there you can then really break down which camera is best for you and in which situation:

  • Phone Camera: Do you want to have something that you can upload some pictures to Instagram or Facebook with, maybe send some pics to family, and keep as your own personal memories? Not interested in making prints or using the pictures for a website or large photo book, etc.? Your phone will do the trick.

  • Point and shoot digital camera: Do you want something that is stand alone, has a couple more features than a phone camera, can provide a little better quality, and potentially print some out or use them in photo books? A simple digital camera will be more up your alley.

  • DSLR or Mirrorless: Do you want something that you can really control, something that you can invest in and grow with, and swap out lenses based on what you want to shoot? Do you want to really take photography more serious, have pictures that you can really edit and print, or do you want to move into potentially becoming a professional? A DSLR or Mirrorless is more your thing.

  • GoPro or Action cam: Do you want to be able to take high quality videos and photos in something that is easier to control than a phone? Want to learn how to do timelapses (a ton of photos turned into a video?) or a hyperlapse (a moving timelapse)? Want to take it mountain biking, ocean diving, or any other type of extreme sport? A GoPro or other action cam is the best way to go.

  • Aerial: Want to take your photography to new heights? Want a different perspective? Then a drone could be something fun to play with. Just always beware of local regulations and practice safe flying techniques.

As you answer those questions, always remember that you can then upgrade or change your mind. If you say ok, I just want to use my smart phone now, but in a year want to upgrade, that is totally ok and how it goes. We both started with simple point and shoot cameras and now have upgraded to DSLR’s, GoPros, drones, polaroids, film cameras, etc.

Here is a video of what a GoPro and a drone can do!


We don’t really want to get into which brand is best because it really doesn’t matter which one you start with, to be totally honest. The differences in cameras and their quality is something that only real professionals can relate to and when you are just getting started it is more important to find a camera brand that you like (one that you feel is innovating and growing) and then go from there. There are numerous brands out there, be it Sony, Canon or Nikon, and they are all pretty similar, but all have their unique selling points and certain things that they tend to do better.

This article does a better deep dive into the differences between the three main brands, but don’t also forget about Panasonic or Fuji as well, which make great gear and tend to be better priced. To be honest, if you are going the route of a DSLR and want to learn to shoot on manual and control all of the settings, it is easier if you have someone that can show you how to work your camera, and therefore easier if they have the same camera. We both shoot Canon because that is what we were surrounded by and that made it easier for us to learn. So, ask any friends or family that are into photography if they can help you learn your camera when you are first getting started and think about buying whatever brand they have.

And, like above, you can always change your mind later down the road if grow and want a different brand!


When you first start looking at getting into photography, it can be overwhelming. There are so many options and so many things to be considered. We believe that many don’t really, truly get into photography because it can be so overwhelming. That is why we want you to just get started. Next time you go on a trip, take your phone out more, try to be more creative, see what you like to shoot. Go to a camera store and actually play around with a couple of cameras to give yourself an idea of which feels best.

Then, and most importantly, take the plunge. You will never actually progress as a photographer until you just get started. Photography is such a beautiful art form and thanks to modern technology is accessible to pretty much everyone. So whether you decide to just stick with a phone, buy your first point and shoot or DSLR, or splurge on a drone or GoPro, just take the the plunge and get started - today!

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