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We are now one week already online. It is an unbelievable feeling to have just started and to be able to develop and improve a little bit every day. There is this so-called "fear of bare paper" that makes it so hard to start. But once something is there, ideas and creativity suddenly bubble up and we are more and more excited to improve our itineraries, webpage, and everything in between!

But it's not only our own ideas, we are especially excited about feedback we already have gotten from families, friends and our first followers (yay!). And by that I really mean feedback and not just opinions what others think about our idea in general. Criticism from people who really care about you is the most important feedback you can get and one question that has been asked by everyone over and over again was: what distinguishes you from all the other travel guides, travel providers, blogs and everything else that is out there today? A very good question!

What we want to pass along are two main points: first, we want to show how easy traveling is. We want to make travel accessible for everyone. What we have done, you can do. It really is that simple. There are no organizational, planning or other like hurdles any more when it comes to planning your trip. But, these benefits are also offered by travel guides, travel providers and blogs, you might say. Well we will get to that.

The second, and much more important point, is: we want to share those special moments with you, the moments you usually only find out when you're there, the moments you first tell your friends and family when you get back. And you can't plan the special moments from home. You can only experience them locally and then share them with others - and that's what we do! But we differ even more:


Of course you will find in travel guides almost all the information you can possibly know about the place you are visiting: all the sights including long descriptions, hotels and restaurants in all price categories, useful tips on how to get there and back, which shops you should buy which souvenirs in, and the story with it. Don't get us wrong, we love travel guides - we never travel without them. But with a travel guide you are not yet one step closer to planning and organizing your trip - the work of making your way through the travel guide is still ahead of you. We've already planned and organized your route, you'll find the sights that really pay off, restaurants or places to eat where we'd go back to, and most importantly, our special moments and lessons learned that you can't plan from home.

WE ARE MORE INDIVIDUAL THAN TOUR OPERATORS! Agencies where you can book your trip as a package take the planning and organization off your hands and even reduce the booking effort. But for that you get a travel group, unnecessary toilet breaks, tourist restaurants and a duck march. You realize that travel groups are not our favorite. Nevertheless, we know what the advantage of these agencies is, you don't have to worry beforehand. But with our finished itinerary you can finally travel individually, we have made it accessible for you. You need one or two more clicks when booking, but you have your individual, unforgettable moments, isn't it worth it?

WE ARE MORE COMPREHENSIVE AND TO THE POINT THAN BLOGS! And then there are all the travel blogs and tips on the Internet from a wide variety of websites. There you can also get individual tips, moments and lessons learned. We love these blogs, tips and inspirations, which are usually freely available on the Internet. We also search through all these blogs in order to think about the best possible trip in advance. But here you quickly come across the all to familiar problem - there are individual clues and no finished routes, it takes a lot of time and desire to read through (sometimes) endlessly long blogs only to finally get the desired information hidden in the last paragraph. And in the end you have to plan and arrange the trip yourself anyways.

What we want to offer you is concrete, individual and to the point. In our itinerary you will find all the information you need. We were there, experienced it and share our moments. And we believe so much that it will help so many people to discover the world that we have made it our profession! So take a look at our itineraries, get inspired and give us your feedback!

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