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Finally, we made it to publish our itinerary on Paris. This a really special one to me, as I used to live in Paris and lost my heart there. After finishing my bachelor studies I felt like I needed a break and I wanted to do literally anything other than continue studying - although, that's not quite true. I didn't want to do just anything else, I wanted to go to Paris and learn French and work as a waitress on the side. How I came to this thought I am not certain, and I couldn't answer all the others who asked at that time. But I knew that this is what I wanted, so that is what I did.   I fell in love with this beautiful city as soon as I was in Paris for the first time after graduating from high school. I really lost my heart when I lived there for six months and got to know the city. Those feelings can be quite hard to put into words, but I will endeavor to capture my thoughts and feelings on why Paris is always worth the trip:

  • The Architecture: the beautiful architecture of this city has to be number one. This is because Paris did not simply grow, but was "designed". Baron Haussmann was prefect of the French department Seine from 1853 to 1870 and is considered the city planner of Paris. Through his regulations after the middle of the 19th century, he gave the city center the modern Parisian cityscape that is still preserved today. And this can be seen in every corner of the twenty arrondissements. The course of the streets, the wide footpaths, the elegant facades with their cast-iron balcony rails make you feel like you are on the catwalk through another century. You can’t just sprint through these streets, rather they should be just strolled and enjoyed. With its yellowish exposed stone, the white, deep-drawn "French windows" (door opening inwards, but without balcony) and iron balustrades, Haussmann's given architecture gave Paris its typical face - and for that we say thank you!

  • All of the Sites: whose heart did not ache when they saw the pictures of the fire of Notre Dame in April 2019 - mine did, anyway. I think there is no more beautiful landmark in the world for me than Notre Dame. And I can't tell you why - it isn’t like I'm a church person like Christopher is. But those two gothic towers, which you can see from far away all over the city, symbolized home to me. And while we are talking about sights that tower over the city, we can’t forget to mention: the Eiffel Tower! It is fascinating for me that the Parisians did not want this tower at all when it was built for the world exhibition in 1889. For me, it is now, with its graceful beauty (despite its wrought iron mass of over 10,000 tons), impossible to imagine the Parisian cityscape without it. Especially when it sparkles like millions upon millions of stars at every hour of the night. By the way, the most beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower is from the roof of the Arc de Triomphe, another sight that fascinates me - this time because of its view. Not only do you see the Eiffel Tower but also to countless other sites from this vantage point, such as: the Champs Elysee, the most beautiful boulevard in the world, the Place de la Concorde over the Tuileries up to the Louvre. Which reminds me, while we are talking about sites to see, we can’t forget Paris’s museums. Beside the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo, the most beautiful paintings of the French painters and impressionists hang here in the Louvre and one could spend weeks there and still not have seen everything. We don’t recommend that though! Not only the Louvre though, there are so many other museums, like the Musee d'Orsay and the Orangerie with Monet's water lilies and countless others. Paris and art simply belong together.

  • Art and History: Third, and while we're on the subject of art and history - Paris does not just have a lot of museums, artists and history, Paris is its artists and history. From the imperial era, to the French Revolution, to the golden twenties - so much is still preserved in Paris and lets you experience history. Especially in the city centre, the Ile de la Cite, you will find many original buildings like the Conciergerie, where Marie Antionette was imprisoned, the city hall Hotel de Ville in front of which there were protests during the revolution and still looks the same over all the small and large palaces and churches - Paris makes you feel history as if it was still there. Just like its artists. When you walk through the former red light district of Montmatre you can still feel the hopes and dreams of the artists who walked through the streets, painted squares and immortalized the world through their eyes.

  • French Cuisine: when you think of France and then its capital, there is one thing I cannot forget to mention: food. The French are famous all over the world for their cuisine and if I had to choose a cuisine that I could only eat for the rest of my life, it would be French. The French spend more money on food than on clothes or furniture. They prefer to sit on a wooden box and eat well than spend their money on furniture - and that's what I love about Paris. So stay away from any international chains or tourist hot spots, in Paris you should eat locally, and if you do so you can't really be disappointed. The typical Parisian starts their day with a small (attention: very small breakfast), that actually only consists of a coffee (attention, anyone who orders a coffee in France gets an espresso) and a croissant with butter and jam. But I promise, nowhere in the world does a croissant that taste as good as theirs. But don't worry, this little breakfast won't have to hold you over for too long - the Parisian eats a 3-course menu for lunch and dinner and that's just as well, because this way you can simply try much more of the French cuisine!

  • Peace of Paris: last but not least - and this point goes along with all those I mentioned before: Paris is simply Paris, because there you can enjoy and simply be there. As already mentioned with the architecture, you can't just walk around them, you have to enjoy and stroll them. The same with the museums, it's not about having seen everything but taking your time and spending 2 hours in front of just one painting because it takes time to experience art completely. Don't eat fast food but treat yourself to a 3 course menu for lunch and dinner. And you won't find coffee to go in most cafes, because the waiter will tell you: "sit down, enjoy your coffee for 3 minutes and then hurry on! This joie de vivre - we would call it this joy of life - is what the Parisians have got figured out, so dive in and do it like a local. And these are just five of the millions of reasons why Paris is worth your next trip - isn't there at least one of them for you? Have any questions or thoughts? Write us or leave a comment, we'd be happy if you follow our steps!

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